Meet the Members: Jacek

Meet the Members: Jacek

Today we’re interviewing Jacek,
our brilliant Talent Acquisition Specialist who has a background in science and used to be a professional dancer!

Tell us about yourself? 

I moved to Berlin just after my graduation from Medical Biotechnology at Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Already, during my master’s degree I knew that I did not want to work in a laboratory or as a researcher. Therefore, I decided to pursue more business focused aspects of biotechnology. My master thesis was about the evolution of the biggest pharmaceutical and biotechnology brands in the world.

Moreover, as far as I can remember I wanted to move away from my home country and therefore decided to look for a job opportunity abroad. I was applying to many places but Berlin appealed to me more than other places. Not only because I could still be close to my family and friends but also because it is a city with a multitude of possibilities and packed full with diverse people from different countries and cultures. Hence, I was over the moon when I got an offer from a cutting-edge start-up from Berlin – Labforward. I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since I’ve been a part of this project.

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Fun Fact

I used to be a professional dancer and dance teacher for 10 years. Unfortuanatly I needed to stop when I moved to Berlin but I’m thinking about starting it again soon. It’s more like a hobby now rather than a career!

Wildcard Question

If you were deserted on an island, what luxury item would you bring and why?

I think it would have to be my mobile phone. Unfortunately it would probably be useless because of the lack of connection, but I would live with the hope that somehow I’d eventually be able to ask for help as I hate being alone and would not survive for a long time on a desert island!

Why did you join Labforward? 

When I was searching for my first job, I knew that I wanted to work for a company that was in some way connected to what I’ve studied and the industry I was comfortable in. Labforward seemed like just the place I was looking for. At Labforward I have an opportunity to maintain contact with science and work around people who understand science or even better, among people who directly worked in the field as scientists. Given my background, I find the mission of Labforward to be especially important. During my studies, I experienced how important and helpful the digitalization of the work in labs can be. Therefore, I was sure from day one that my motivation would be for me to at least partially contribute to a positive change in the laboratory environment. Moreover, my scientific background helped me to understand the specific needs of the users of Labforward’s products.

What is your main role?

What is your main role?

I am currently working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and so I’m a part of the HR department. That includes all the activities related to recruitment. In my role, I prepare the openings and job descriptions together with the hiring managers then I am responsible for searching for the right candidates who meet the requirements and will later join Labforward.

Whilst this is what I am doing right now, I joined Labforward originally as a trainee. After graduating, I was not 100% sure what I wanted to do professionally. Labforward offered me the possibility to try different activities in the company. I was offered mentorship and guidance throughout so I could decide what role I was best suited to. I was involved in Sales and Customer Success for some time but eventually, I found out that Talent Acquisition is something that I enjoy the most. I think that it’s because of being able to be close to people and work with them, which I thoroughly enjoy.

What excites you about your job?

What excites you about your job?

I’m excited about working with people. I love speaking with the candidates and describing the company to them. The fact that I find Labforward’s mission relevant makes it even easier, especially in interviews as it really helps me to attract the best talent and convince them to join our great team. I also enjoy working with my colleagues, many of them are coming from different countries and come from various backgrounds. The atmosphere in the company is very open-minded and focused on being tolerant and kind to each other. Such a diverse environment is important to feel good and allows you to always be yourself at work.

Thanks to the open communication I can also clearly see the direction towards which Labforward is heading. It’s great to see how the company evolves and grows every day. What is more important, to see how my colleagues and I are learning and growing together with Labforward.